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We stand up for a Massachusetts where everyone gets a fair shot, does and pays their fair share, and plays by the same rules.

MA Delegation Digest 3/23/17

Sen. Elizabeth Warren Rick Green, a businessman considering running against Warren, has bowed out. John Kingston and state Rep. Geoff Diehl are still considering a run. Sen. Warren used the … Continue reading

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MA Delegation Digest 3/2/17

Sen. Elizabeth Warren    Republican strategists plan to use Sen. Warren as a villain to target vulnerable democrats in 2018, indicating they believe she will drive away swing votes in … Continue reading

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Good for early educators, and good news for our kids

After years of fighting shrinking investment in critical early learning programs, we are making progress. On Feb. 8, Speaker DeLeo highlighted some of the major flaws with Massachusetts’ early childhood … Continue reading

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MA Delegation Digest 2/14/17

Sen. Elizabeth Warren Warren hired a new National Security adviser, Sasha Baker, which signals to some she will consider running a White House run in 2020. In order to oppose … Continue reading

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Closing corporate tax loopholes earns 56 bipartisan co-sponsors

A bill to close a loophole which allows corporations to hide profits earned in Massachusetts in offshore tax havens has earned the support of 56 state legislators. Filed by Rep. … Continue reading

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MA Delegation Digest July 2016

Sen. Elizabeth Warren Warren calls for scrutiny of Airbnb-style rentals, and worries they may be taking away housing from long term renters. Just before the end of their vacation, Warren … Continue reading

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The “Child Care Dance” and why we need reform

“We thought we were doing everything right,” said Jenny, a young mom and Fair Share supporter. “We thought we were so ahead of things, we had even started a college … Continue reading

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1,100 and counting call for reversal of early education cuts

Community members have expressed frustration in response to Governor Charlie Baker vetoing $17.5 million in funding to early education, including a much needed $7.5 million to the struggling workforce. A … Continue reading

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Rallying support to override early ed cuts

When doing line-item vetoes, Gov. Charlie Baker including specific cuts targeting early education and care. We are Massachusetts Fair Share believe cutting funding for early education is short sighted. We … Continue reading

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MA Delegation Digest, June 2016

Sen. Elizabeth Warren Warren campaigns to strip the largest college and school accreditation agency in the country of its powers, citing its weak track record with the oversight of for-profit … Continue reading

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Despite budget gap, legislators make critical investments in early education

Investment in early education brings real progress, as lawmakers protected early education funds despite budget gap The budget, passed out of the conference committee today, included critical investments in early … Continue reading

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Improving early education means addressing crisis in workforce

Providing a high-quality early education is one our most powerful tools to address the achievement gap and make sure that every child gets a fair shot. The most important element … Continue reading

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