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We stand up for a Massachusetts where everyone gets a fair shot, does and pays their fair share, and plays by the same rules.

MA Delegation Digest 5/2/17

Senator Elizabeth Warren

  • Sens. Warren and Rubio (R-FL) have introduced legislation to tighten money laundering regulations to target human trafficking.
  • A strategic consulting firm, the Novus Group, has calculated Senator Warren’s Massachusetts approval rate at 57%, and finds her profile has become more polarizing.
  • Senator Warren is “troubled” by President Obama decision to take approximately $400,000 to speak at an event on Wall Street.
  • Sen. Warren is travelling to promote her book “This is our fight,” further stirring rumors of her running for president in 2020.
  • An anti-Warren PAC has formed, as opposition to Warren has become an area of focus for conservative political groups.

Senator Ed Markey

Representative Richard Neal

Representative Jim McGovern

Representative Niki Tsongas

  • In an attempt to stop the inflow of opioids from other countries, Rep. Tsongas has introduced a bill that would give U.S. Customs and Border Protection the latest chemical screening devices to detect fentanyl and other opioid related drugs.
  • At a forum in Andover, Rep. Tsongas spoke about our national division and how we need to work together, but recognizing deep differences.
  • Rep. Tsongas put rumors to rest that she will retire in 2018, saying that the allegations of retirement have more to do with her age than her intentions.

Representative Joe Kennedy

Representative Katherine Clark

Representative Seth Moulton

Representative Stephen Lynch

Representative Michael Capuano

  • At a town hall in East Boston, Representative Capuano explained the difficulty of the current environment but ensured that he would continue working for affordable healthcare and housing.
  • In an unusual move, Representative Capuano is donating $53,000 of his campaign funds to the MBTA to pay for riders on the Fairmount line from May 8-21. Rep. Capuano had criticized Keolis, which runs the rail system, for cancelling more of these lines than any other.

Representative William Keating


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