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MA Delegation Digest 3/2/17

Sen. Elizabeth Warren   

Sen. Ed Markey

  • Senator Markey named as the lead democrat in the Senate subcommittee on Space.
  • Markey held town hall at Smith College, which was more like a campaign rally, with  more than 6oo individuals and an overflow room, hearing concerns about the Trump presidency, and pledging to do all in his power to resist.
  • After Trump’s address to Congress, Markey highlighted a number of issues, including Russian meddling, nuclear war, environmental protection, and special interest handouts.
  • Sen. Markey brought a Somali refugee to the joint address.


Rep. Richard Neal

Rep. Jim McGovern

  • McGovern will head to Cuba with Rep. Seth Moulton to discuss academic and business partnerships there.
  • Rep. McGovern tweeted a number of fact checks during Trump’s address to Congress.
  • Rep. McGovern took an Iranian transplant surgeon as his guest at the joint address.

Rep. Niki Tsongas

  • Following late husband’s legacy, Tsongas fights for wildlife and endangered species protection.
  • Tsongas is concerned with Boeing military jet deal, urges caution.
  • Over 500 individuals attended a Littleton town hall, where Tsongas spoke about resisting the divisive rhetoric of the Trump administration, and express support for immigration and those affected by the executive order.

Rep. Joseph Kennedy

Rep. Katherine Clark

Rep. Seth Moulton

  • Moulton describes the actions of the resigned Michael Flynn as “treason.”
  • Moulton announces that he will not be running against Charlie Baker for governor.
  • Moulton critiques the Democratic leaders, arguing they are not leading, and need to move past just saying no.
  • Moulton describes says the America that was described in Trump’s address to Congress as “in decline,” which is not the America he knows.

Rep. Mike Capuano

Rep. Stephen Lynch

Rep. William Keating

  • Trump’s plan to dramatically increase the nation’s defense budget is of concern to Representative Keating, who sits on the Homeland Security Committee; Keating points out that cutting from other programs to add to the defense budget also makes the United States vulnerable.
  • Keating believes that Trumps attacks on American institutions are troubling, creating distrust nationally and internationally.
  • Concerned with Massachusetts opioid crisis, Keating question’s why Kaleo Pharma’s “Evzio” has increased from $690 to $4,500 over the last three years.
  • Keating was critical of Trump’s failure to mention Michael Flynn’s resignation, and will fight to create a taskforce to investigate Russian interferences in our government.

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