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In honor of Father’s Day, Speaking Out for More Early Education

As we approach Father’s Day, Massachusetts dads are calling for more investment in early education. Massachusetts Fair Share has been collecting photo petitions from people across Massachusetts to #SupportEarlyEd.


“As a dad, it’s incredible to see how quickly my young children learn things, how fast their brains are developing,” said Massachusetts Fair Share Director Nathan Proctor, father of a 3 year-old and 8-month-old. “The science backs this up, telling us that 90% of brain development happens by age five. That’s why we need to make sure that every child has the chance to receive a high-quality early education.”

As state leaders work to reconcile the differences between the House and Senate budgets, Massachusetts Fair Share, along with the Put MA Kids First Coalition, is supporting the higher level of funding in two critical early education line items. The Early Education and Rate Reserve ($15M, 1599-0042), which supports early educators, and Early Education Quality Improvement ($2M, 3000-1020), which helps early education programs raise and maintain their level of quality in the state’s quality rating system.

But all of the critical increases to early education are endangered by the current budget shortfall.

“The increases represented in the draft budget are critical to ensuring more children get a strong start,” said Proctor. “We shouldn’t balance the budget by mortgaging our future and the success of our children.”



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