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136 local elected officials call for more early ed investment

We delivered a letter signed by a bipartisan group of 136 local elected officials that call for increased state investment in early education and care. Citing dropping levels of state funding, and the importance of ensuring all children start on a level playing field, the letter calls for additional funding to improve and expand early learning programs for children ages 0-5.

We pride ourselves on education in Massachusetts, which is why we need to do better when it comes to early education. We know these earlier years can help set students up for a lifetime of success and have extremely high return on investment. If we are serious about reducing the academic achievement gap, we need to make sure that every child starts kindergarten ready by making sure they can access high-quality early learning programs.

Along with the 60 other groups in the Put MA Kids First coalition, we are calling for increased investments in early learning programs, anchored in a quality workforce. One of the top issues that the field of early education and care has identified is a dramatic drop in the number of early education programs, and alarmingly high turnover of the early educator workforce. Child Care Aware has tracked a 25% drop in the number of early education programs in Massachusetts since 2011. Wellesley College researchers point to a high early educator turnover rate of 30%. It’s clear that the field is suffering and in crisis.

The sign on letter is below.

Strong Start for Massachusetts Children

Every child deserves a fair chance in life, and this begins with quality early education and care. Massachusetts should lead on education, but when it comes to early education, we’re falling behind. While states like Oklahoma guarantee a year of public preschool for every child, Massachusetts state spending on early education and care has declined by 50% since 2001.

Providing all children access to a high-quality early education is essential to creating a level playing field, so that no child starts kindergarten already behind. Participation in high-quality early learning programs helps children better realize their full potential, reduces the achievement gap and provides a strong foundation for future success.

I support increasing state investment in early education and care, in order to improve and expand programs for children ages 0-5 so that every child can access a high-quality early learning program.

Sincerely, the undersigned:

  1. Selectperson Janet K. Adachi, Acton
  2. Councilor Joseph McMilleon, Amesbury (Via town resolution)
  3. Councilor James Kelcourse, Amesbury (Via town resolution)
  4. Councilor Donna McClure, Amesbury (Via town resolution)
  5. Councilor Paul Sickorez, Amesbury (Via town resolution)
  6. Councilor Mary Louise Bartley, Amesbury (Via town resolution)
  7. Councilor F. David Moavenzadeh, Amesbury (Via town resolution)
  8. Councilor Robert Lavoie, Amesbury (Via town resolution)
  9. Councilor Anne Ferguson, Amesbury (Via town resolution)
  10. Councilor Jonathan Sherwood, Amesbury (Via town resolution)
  11. School Board Member Cindy Starks, Arlington
  12. Councilor Jessica Rapp Grassetti, Barnstable
  13. Councilor James H. Crocker, Barnstable
  14. Councilor Estelle Rand, Beverly
  15. Councilor Ayanna Pressley, Boston
  16. Selectperson Donald Ellis, Bourne
  17. Councilor Thomas Monahan, Brockton
  18. Councilor Shaynah Barnes, Brockton
  19. School Board Member Raymond Henningson, Brockton
  20. School Board Member Thomas Minichiello, Brockton
  21. School Board Member Helen Charlupski, Brookline
  22. School Board Member Rebecca Stone, Brookline
  23. Councilor Leland Cheung, Cambridge
  24. Councilor Craig Kelley, Cambridge
  25. Councilor Nadeem Mazen, Cambridge
  26. Councilor Marc McGovern, Cambridge
  27. Councilor E. Denise Simmons, Cambridge
  28. Councilor Timothy Toomey, Jr., Cambridge
  29. School Board Member Fran Cronin, Cambridge
  30. Councilor Craig A. Kelley, Cambridge
  31. Selectperson Pat Wojtas, Chelmsford
  32. Councilor Leo Robinson, Chelsea
  33. Councilor Luis Tejada, Chelsea
  34. Councilor Enio Lopez, Chelsea
  35. Councilor Yamir G. Rodriguez, Chelsea
  36. Councilor Adam Lamontagne, Chicopee
  37. School Board Member David Barsalou, Chicopee
  38. Selectperson Diane Kennedy, Cohasset
  39. Selectperson Daniel Bennett, Danvers
  40. Councilor Rosa DiFlorio, Everett
  41. Councilor Michael L. Miozza, Fall River
  42. School Board Member Paul Hart, Fall River
  43. School Board Member Joseph Martins, Fall River
  44. Councilor Paul Beauchemin, Fitchburg
  45. Selectperson Valerie Mulvey, Framingham
  46. Councilor Matthew C. J. Vance, Gardner
  47. Councilor Paul McGeary, Gloucester
  48. Councilor Steven LeBlanc, Gloucester
  49. Councilor William Fonvielle, Gloucester
  50. Councilor Sefatia Romeo Theken, Gloucester
  51. Councilor Robert Whynott, Gloucester
  52. Councilor James W. O’Hara Jr., Gloucester
  53. Councilor Norman Hirschfeld, Greenfield
  54. Councilor Andres X. Vargas, Haverhill
  55. Councilor Melinda Barrett, Haverhill
  56. Councilor Daniel Bresnahan, Holyoke
  57. Councilor Gordon Paul Alexander, Holyoke
  58. Councilor Peter Tallman, Holyoke
  59. Councilor Modesto Maldonado, Lawrence
  60. Councilor Hong Net, Lynn
  61. School Board Member John Ford, Lynn
  62. School Board Member Maria Carrasco, Lynn
  63. Councilor Daniel Cahill, Lynn
  64. Councilor Wayne Lozzi, Lynn
  65. Councilor Brian P. LaPierre, Lynn
  66. Councilor Debbie DeMaria, Malden
  67. Councilor Steven Ultrino, Malden
  68. Councillor Ryan O’Malley, Malden
  69. Councilor Peg Crowe, Malden (peronalized letter)
  70. Councilor Neal Anderson, Malden (peronalized letter)
  71. Councilor Michael Marks, Medford
  72. Alderman Michael P. Zwirko, Melrose
  73. Councilor Sean Fountain, Methuen
  74. Councilor James Atkinson, Methuen
  75. Councilor Thomas Ciulla, Methuen
  76. Councilor Lisa Yarid-Ferry, Methuen
  77. Board of Selectmen Chair Brian W. Murray, Milford
  78. Selectperson Edward Harrison, Monson
  79. Selectperson Gail Garrett, Mt. Washington
  80. Councilor Brian K. Gomes, New Bedford
  81. Councilor Kerry Winterson, New Bedford
  82. Councilor Allison Heartquist, Newburyport
  83. Councilor Ari Herzog, Newburyport
  84. Councilor Edward Cameron, Newburyport
  85. Councilor Jared Eigerman, Newburyport
  86. Councilor Charles Tontar, Newburyport
  87. Councilor Meghan Kinsey, Newburyport
  88. Councilor Emily Norton, Newton
  89. Selectperson Scott Bugbee, Norfolk
  90. Councilor Benjamin Lamb, North Adams
  91. Councilor Lisa Blackmer, North Adams
  92. Councilor Nancy Bullett, North Adams
  93. Councilor Joshua Moran, North Adams
  94. Councilor Alisa Klein, Northampton
  95. Councilor Gina-Louise Sciarra, Northampton
  96. Selectperson Ellen Allen, Norwell
  97. Councilor Mary Salzmann, Palmer
  98. Councilor Donald Blais, Jr., Palmer
  99. Councilor Lorinda Baker, Palmer
  100. Councilor James Moutsoulas, Peabody
  101. Councilor Thomas Walsh, Peabody
  102. Councilor Robert Driscoll, Peabody
  103. Councilor Lisa Tully, Pittsfield
  104. Councilor Jonathan Lothrop, Pittsfield
  105. Councilor Churchill Cotton, Pittsfield
  106. Councilor John Krol, Pittsfield
  107. Councilor Kathleen Amuso, Pittsfield
  108. Councilor Douglas S. Gutro, Quincy
  109. Councilor Paul J. Meoni, Randolph
  110. Councilor Ira Novoselsky, Revere
  111. Councilor Steven Morabito, Revere
  112. Selectperson Marilyn Wilson, Rowe (via Town Resolution)
  113. Selectperson Noel Abbott, Rowe (via Town Resolution)
  114. Selectperson Susan Gleason, Rowe (via Town Resolution)
  115. Councilor David Eppley, Salem
  116. Councilor Stephen G. Dibble, Salem
  117. Councilor William White, Jr., Somerville
  118. Councilor Matthew McLaughlin, Somerville
  119. Councilor Zaida Luna, Springfield
  120. Councilor Adam Gomez, Springfield
  121. Councilor Melvin Edwards, Springfield
  122. Selectperson John Callahan, Swampscott
  123. Councilor Gerald A. Croteau, Taunton
  124. Councilor Daniel Romard, Waltham
  125. Councilor Anthony Palomba, Watertown
  126. Councilor Susan Falkoff, Watertown
  127. Councilor Aaron Dushku, Watertown
  128. Councilor Michael Dattoli, Watertown
  129. Councilor Lisa Feltner, Watertown
  130. Selectperson Dennis Murphy, Wellfleet
  131. Selectperson Jerry Houk, Wellfleet
  132. Selectperson Paul Pilcher, Wellfleet
  133. Councilor Mary Ann Babinski, Westfield
  134. Selectperson Anne O’Connor, Williamstown
  135. Councilor Sarai Rivera, Worcester
  136. School Board Member John F. Monfredo, Worcester

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