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Letter in Globe: Charlie Baker’s cuts in early education set wrong trend

Our own Samantha Alper makes the case for overriding the governor’s vetoes of early ed funding in today’s Globe.

Charlie Baker’s cuts in early education set wrong trend

RE “STATE’S budget set after final tweaks” (Metro, July 18): Governor Charlie Baker targeted a number of education line items in his vetoes when he signed a $38.1 billion state budget last week. I agree with Senate President Stanley Rosenberg’s statement that the governor’s cuts to these programs are “short-sighted at best.”

Over the past 15 years, early childhood programs have lost more than $114 million in state funding. This is the wrong trend. The governor’s vetoes include a $5 million reduction in early education funding, including a significant cut of $2 million for the income-eligible waitlist reduction, which would have provided early education aid to hundreds of children on the waitlist. They also eliminate $17.5 million in full-day kindergarten expansion grants.

A bolstered investment in early childhood programs is crucial for our children’s future academic and economic success. This year, our legislators can welcome all learners back to school by reversing these education cuts and overriding these vetoes.

Samantha Alper, Brookline

The writer is a summer associate with Massachusetts Fair Share.


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