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Letter in Worcester Telegram: Close the ‘Cayman Islands’ loophole

This letter was appeared in the Feb. 3 edition of the Worcester Telegram and Gazette:

As Massachusetts legislators try to find ways to find $765 million to cover our state budget shortfall, let me offer a good place to start: the Cayman Islands.

Tax loopholes allow corporations to dodge taxes by hiding profits overseas in places like the Cayman Islands. Some companies end up paying zero dollars in taxes.

Rep. Josh Cutler (Duxbury) has filed a bill that would save Massachusetts $79 million per year by closing one such loophole. With a huge budget shortfall, we simply can’t afford to let these big companies off the hook. I hope legislators advance this important measure.

Massachusetts Fair Share



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This entry was posted on February 4, 2015 by in Tax and Budget.
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