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Letter: Massachusetts residents want early childhood education

I, for one, am not surprised the recent WBUR/MassInc poll that shows 73 percent of Massachusetts residents said they would support a plan to provide comprehensive early education – and a majority of us would approve a tax increase to pay for it. Who wouldn’t be in favor of a better early education system?

With 30,000 kids on the waiting list for more affordable early education, it is clear that we should be doing more to help these kids get a strong start. I think that every child should have the opportunity to get a good early education like I did.

By the time kids get to elementary school, some already have the advantage of preschool while others do not. Early education does not just set up the kids for elementary school; it can set them up for life. Every kid should get to have a fair start in life, and education is an investment that can ensure that.

I hope that our leaders are reading these polls, and seeing that the majority of us want to see real action to help expand early education in Massachusetts.

Cat Sidor, Massachusetts Fair Share

Found in the Braintree Forum as well as the Patriot Ledger.


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