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Another poll shows strong bipartisan support for early education funding

Perhaps I should file this under “old news.” But until lawmakers get serious we’ll keep pointing it out: Americans are ready for a serious investment in early education.

A poll released today (Monday Sept. 22), shows that a broad swath of North Carolinans support increased investment in preschool and early education … even if it increases short-term deficits.

Perhaps regular people in North Carolina see what lawmakers seem to think people don’t see. Investing in kids pays off, and you can’t mortgage future generations with short-term budget problems.

A majority of Democrats, Republicans and Independents support greater investment in preschool — 74% of the state. An even stronger majority of voters wants to see more investment in schools and teachers.


These issues have long traditions of bipartisan support, but our current Congress has charted new waters of partisan rancor. The Ryan budget would cut billions from education, including Head Start and other popular early education programs. The sequester took 2015 kids out of Head Start classrooms in Massachusetts. These cuts were reversed, just to be passed a new in the most recent House budget.

In Massachusetts, we have tens of thousands of children on waiting lists for income-eligible early education assistance.

We can do better.




2 comments on “Another poll shows strong bipartisan support for early education funding

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