Massachusetts Fair Share

We stand up for a Massachusetts where everyone gets a fair shot, does and pays their fair share, and plays by the same rules.

MA Delegation Digest 6/14 – 7/4/14

Senator Elizabeth Warren

  • Senator Warren announced that she will travel to West Virginia next month to campaign on behalf of Democratic Senate candidate Natalie Tennant, who currently lags in the polls and in funding behind Republican candidate Shelley Moore Capito.
  • Warren has been traveling nationwide, using her fundraising appeal to back other Democratic candidates, raising $2.3 million for 28 candidates.
  • Senator Warren, regarding the SCOTUS buffer zone ruling: “I am deeply disappointed by today’s Supreme Court decision striking down the Massachusetts buffer zone law. Make no mistake – it is now more difficult to protect the patients and staff of health clinics from violence, intimidation, and harassment. While I strongly disagree with this decision, the Court was also clear that states and the federal government can still take a wide variety of other steps to address this problem. We now have work to do to take the necessary steps to ensure that all women and their doctors are protected from harm.”
  • Senators Warren and Markey joined Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) to reintroduce the DISCLOSE Act, a bill that would establish stricter rules for the disclosure of campaign finance information and end the use of PACs and Super PACs as engines for anonymous campaign contributions. Said Warren, “The Supreme Court has determined that billionaires should have a louder voice in elections than everyone else. The Supreme Court is wrong.”

Senator Ed Markey

Rep. Richard Neal (MA-1)

  • Representative Neal announced an EPA grant to assess the condition of a vacant mill in Lee, as part of a downtown renewal project. The grant will be used to determine if the site is contaminated and what steps need to be taken before it can be re-purposed or demolished.

Rep. Jim McGovern (MA-2)

Rep. Joseph Kennedy (MA-4)

Rep. Katherine Clark (MA-5)

Rep. John Tierney (MA-6)

Rep. Stephen Lynch (MA-8)

  • Rep. Lynch held a forum on VA audits in Boston, explaining to veteran’s agents how the audits are affecting care and what recent VA scandals around the country may mean for Massachusetts veterans’ care. Lynch also praised the Massachusetts system, saying, “The VA in their preliminary review has taken best practices from the Massachusetts VA hospitals and said they’re going to recommend them to other areas of the country.”

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