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State Budget “a win for 1,800 children” as investment in early education increases

On June 30, the Legislature passed it’s FY15 budget. Here’s our statement on the encouraging progress on funding for early education:


Massachusetts Fair Share: State Budget “a win for 1,800 children” as investment in early education increases

1,800 children will be moved off of waitlists and into early education programs after state leaders approved $15 million to expand early learning – but with tens of thousands more waiting their turn, more needs to be done.

BOSTON, MA – Massachusetts Fair Share commended state leaders for finalizing a budget that increases expands early education access by $15 million. The group noted that funding had been increased from an original House proposal of $7.5 million.

“There will be another 1,800 children in Massachusetts who go off of waitlists and into early programs with the new budget passed the Legislature today. It’s a win for 1,800 children, and a win for the future of Massachusetts.” said Nathan Proctor, Massachusetts Fair Share state director. “We know early education programs help students succeed, and are one of the most cost effective ways we can improve education and address the achievement gap. But with 30,000 children stuck on waitlists for early learning programs, we’re hoping this investment is the sign of more to come.”

Over the last 5 months, Massachusetts Fair Share members have sent in 3,077 comments to lawmakers calling for expanded investment in early education. At the start of the legislative session, the governor called for an investment of $15 million in shrinking the wait list, but the first draft of the budget from the House only allocated $7.5 million. We worked through the amendment process and the Senate budget to secure the final $15 million in the budget that is expected to pass today.

“I’m thrilled for the 1,800 kids and their families who will start early learning programs, and I think every child deserves that same strong start. Massachusetts Fair Share will continue our work to make sure every child in Massachusetts has access to high-quality early education,” said Proctor.


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