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New report on state-by-state availability of preschool

There are huge disparities in access to early education state by state. From leaders like Oklahoma and the District of Columbia that have nearly universal coverage, to states with no public programs at all.

The National Institute for Early Education Research released its annual state-by-state analysis of preschool availability on May 13, and the news for Massachusetts isn’t great. Here are some of the big takeaways:

Total enrollment in state-funded public programs is quite low, with 4% of 3-year-olds and 14% of 4-year-olds — these numbers are essentially unchanged from last year.

accessMassachusetts ranks in them middle of the pack compared to other states. We are currently 28th for access for 4-year-olds, and 17th for 3-year-olds.

For the full Massachusetts scorecard, click here, for the national, click here.

This report comes out in the middle of state and national movement on the issue. The Massachusetts Senate will unveil their budget soon, and Massachusetts Fair Share and other advocates are calling for increased investment in expanding preschool access. President Barack Obama has advocated for universal preschool for America’s 4-year-olds. A Senate committee is expected to vote on the national “Strong Start for America’s Children Act” this week as well. This report reminds us that there is work to do here in Massachusetts to make sure every child gets the education they deserve.


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