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Our letter in the Globe: Push for universal preschool is key

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CITING DIFFICULTIES in finding workers with the skills they need, businesses are calling for sweeping changes to how we do education here (“Mass. firms lament lack of employable skills,” Page A1, March 24).

On some level, I am skeptical of some of these recommendations, and I’m not sure how much we should let businesses determine education policy. Our sole aim in educating our kids is not to make them more employable workers, but rather it’s to help them become well-rounded individuals. Yet we certainly cannot ignore the problems businesses have in finding skilled workers.

Some of their advice is predictable: more partnerships with businesses, more direct training in the skills that those businesses need.

But the fact that they also recommended universal preschool is important. Preschool doesn’t train business skills, but it does lower the achievement gap and help children develop strong cognitive skills. It’s the right thing to do, and it would help improve the workforce for local businesses. Heck, Oklahoma has universal preschool; why doesn’t Massachusetts?

Nathan Proctor
State director
Massachusetts Fair Share


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