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LTE: Probe corporate welfare

Check out this LTE printed in the Jan. 23 Boston Herald:

Probe corporate welfare

The Herald has reported extensively on the need for welfare reform (“Alleged dealer accepts EBT cards,” Jan. 22). But what about corporate welfare reform? Every year the state of Massachusetts gives business $2.2 billion in state credits and tax breaks, and we have no idea who gets what and whether they deserve it.

Suzanne Bump, the state auditor, has a proposal to change that, but businesses are worried that her idea would give her staff “uncontrolled access” to corporate information, and expose those businesses to unnecessary risk. The real unnecessary risk, however, is not having the power to review if the tax breaks and credits are warranted, a power 36 other states already have.

Giving Bump’s office this power would allow the state to check if businesses that get these tax breaks actually deserve them, and make things fair for the citizens of Massachusetts.

— Jay Epstein, Boston

The writer is on staff at Massachusetts Fair Share.


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