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Letter: Pre-school education meets vital need

Letter: Pre-school education meets vital need

To the editor of THE EAGLE:

“Oklahoma! Where kids learn early” is the title of Nicholas D. Kristof’s of the New York Times’ op-ed in the Saturday, Nov. 16 Eagle. He points out that “Every four-year-old in Oklahoma gets free access to a year of high-quality pre-kindergarten” and gives the example of two young children making strides to overcome a family history of children bearing children by having access to early education.

This Kristof article was preceded by an op-ed article on Nov. 15 by Karen Vogel, coordinator of early childhood for the Berkshire United Way (BUW), titled “MCAS is community’s report card.” Vogel’s article highlights the local need recognized by Pittsfield Promise and undertaken by BUW to “infuse early literacy into the fabric of the community.” That program has been underway for about one year and the report card offered by this year’s MCAS results indicates there is a very significant need for the program to succeed. The community has the same needs that are being worked on in Oklahoma.

Let’s hope that we citizens are up to the task of supporting efforts to fill this vital need! Thanks Karen Vogel, Berkshire United Way, Pittsfield Promise and Oklahoma for challenging us to see and fill this need!



Editor’s note: Nathan Proctor, the state director of Massachusetts Fair Share, wrote about the need for pre-school for all on the Eagle’s editorial page of Nov. 16.


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