Massachusetts Fair Share

We stand up for a Massachusetts where everyone gets a fair shot, does and pays their fair share, and plays by the same rules.

Everyone should be excited about Immigration Reform

Today’s Senate passage of bipartisan, comprehensive immigration reform is good news for all of us.

When we bring 11.5 million aspiring Americans out of the shadows and allow them to join the legal, regulated workforce, it will boost our whole economy.

Bringing millions of aspiring Americans out of the shadows would result in a multiplier effect that would spur consumer spending, create jobs and even generate critically-needed revenue for the country’s needs, ranging from education to health care to strengthening our infrastructure and preserving our safety net.

Economists estimate that creating a fair and comprehensive immigration process with a roadmap to citizenship would inject $1.5 trillion into the economy over a ten-year period. Studies show that naturalized citizens earn 8 to 11 percent more in wages after naturalization.

In addition, the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office estimated that immigration reform would shrink the deficit by $197 billion.

Today’s strong bipartisan vote should put the House on notice that Americans want Congress to create an immigration process that recognizes the talent, ingenuity and industry of aspiring Americans. This is no time for gridlock-as-usual. All people in this country should pay their fair share and deserve a fair shot and the freedom to pursue their dreams.

Both Massachusetts Senators — Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Sen. Mo Cowan — voted in favor of the bill.


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