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What we can learn from flight-delays

This warrants some notice: Congress got something done in less than a week.

After the deep, across the board sequester cuts crippled air traffic control, flights were delayed, which was highly irritating and inconvenient. Congress caved quickly to airlines and travelers.

While I’m all for on-time planes, flight delays are just one of the most immediate problems the sequester causes — another is the devastating cuts to education. Millions of kids will lose access to Pre-K and after-school classes, and tens of thousands of educator jobs will be lost. Rather than just addressing one small immediate issue, Congress should cancel the sequester outright and make no further cuts to education.

Every child in this country should get a chance, and that starts with a quality education. I believe our future as a nation depends on giving each kid a shot to make something of themselves.

I think we can learn something from Congress’ quick action to restore air traffic controllers: They aren’t as far from doing the right thing as we think. They just need to hear from parents and concerned Americans, as if we were annoyed airline travelers.


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