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43 Bay State Economists Back Early Education and Preschool Bills

Massachusetts Fair Share coordinated economists from around Massachusetts to support bold new plans to invest in early education, earning the support of 43 economic experts who agree that an increase … Continue reading

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Closing corporate tax loopholes earns 56 bipartisan co-sponsors

A bill to close a loophole which allows corporations to hide profits earned in Massachusetts in offshore tax havens has earned the support of 56 state legislators. Filed by Rep. … Continue reading

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How to Move Early Ed Forward: Interview with Kim Davenport

Massachusetts should be leading on education, but when it comes to early ed we’re falling behind. As a result, dedicated educators are innovating and finding ways to link families, teachers … Continue reading

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$15 Million More For Early Educators, Preschool Expansion Must Wait

As the budget heads to the governor, Massachusetts Fair Share welcomed additional funds for early education, but notes budget crunch continues to slow progress. BOSTON – As the completed budget … Continue reading

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Legislators Consider Universal Preschool and Early Education Bills

A legislative hearing which covered broad new legislation regarding early education took place on Tuesday, June 20. As part of the proceedings, Massachusetts Fair Share delivered support from 43 economists … Continue reading

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Letter: Bond rating wake-up call on corporate loopholes

Summer Policy Associate Natalie Oakes in the Sunday Berkshire Eagle making the case we can’t afford to let corporate tax breaks and loopholes go with all the budget constraints facing … Continue reading

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Looking for best of both House and Senate budgets

Massachusetts lawmakers are currently meeting to finalize the budget, negotiating the difference between the House and Senate budgets. Here’s what’s at stake for each education. Massachusetts has fallen behind in … Continue reading

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Menu of policy recommendations in Kids First Report

In the first phase of the Kids First program in the Massachusetts Senate, Senate leaders presented a list of policy recommendations. We’ve summed them up here. “Kids First proposes a … Continue reading

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MA Delegation Digest 5/2/17

Senator Elizabeth Warren Sens. Warren and Rubio (R-FL) have introduced legislation to tighten money laundering regulations to target human trafficking. A strategic consulting firm, the Novus Group, has calculated Senator … Continue reading

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Budget amended to add another $5 million for early educators

As the Massachusetts budget inches closer to becoming finalized, it is clear to see the political climate around early education in Massachusetts has shifted. In this year’s budget the House … Continue reading

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Hundreds rally to support early education at Statehouse

As the Massachusetts State budget comes closer to being set in stone, early education professionals and the legislators that support them held a rally to support early education in the … Continue reading

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Updates on Massachusetts Fair Share Budget Priorities

The full Massachusetts House is considering the Fiscal Year 2018 budget after the Ways and Means Committee released their draft version. Over the last few 4 years, Massachusetts Fair Share … Continue reading

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MA Delegation Digest 4/18/17

Senator Elizabeth Warren Sen. Warren appeared at a rally in Boston with Sen. Bernie Sanders to support their progressive economic agenda. Sen. Warren has been a little more explicitly pro-single-payer … Continue reading

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